Debt of Honour by Adam Kennedy

Something’s not adding up…

On January 6, 1980, an H-14 jet aircraft – Simison Air International’s flight 346 – crashes during take off in Indianapolis. No survivors. 226 dead.

Ten days later, another H-14 takes off at 10.32am. At 11.35am, an explosion is reported in West Virginia. At 12.47pm, the burning wreckage is positively identified as Air Force Three. None of the members of congress on board survived.

Gabe Treptow is chosen to succeed his brother Chet as senator, but he’s not convinced the crash that killed Chet was accidental. Eyewitnesses report the planes exploding in mid-air, completely at odds with the FAA’s final report. Something’s not adding up. Especially when the eyewitnesses’ stories suddenly all change drastically.

Suspicious, Gabe uses his new authority to dig deeper into the case, but quickly meets resistance. He’s determined to find out how his brother died – and nothing will stop him…

Adam Kennedy was an actor and novelist. Creator of notable spine-chilling thrillers, Kennedy has developed a bestselling tradition with his previous novels, including The Domino Principle.

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