Death of the Devil by Christopher Nicole

Autumn, 1650.

The future King Charles II landed in Scotland to challenge the might of Parliament, avenge his father, and attain his inheritance. At his side, in this vain and unsuccessful quest, rode the veteran soldier and most famous swordsman in Europe, Helier L’Eree.

But Helier, now a veteran of forty, is on a personal mission of vengeance, to seek out and destroy the fabled Witch of Hohengraffen, the woman who murdered his family and has sworn his destruction.

Helier’s quest, the people he encounters and the adventures he shares with them are told in Christopher Nicole’s best risqué fashion, with love, humour, adventure and action in this final part of the ‘Devil’ trilogy.

Death Of The Devil is the third in the Helier L’Eree trilogy which began with Spawn Of The Devil and Sword Of The Devil are also available from Endeavour Press.

Christopher Nicole was born and brought up in British Guyana and the West Indies. His output of books has been prolific and many of his novels are historical with a Caribbean background.

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