Dawn of a Legend by Christopher Nicole

Jane Elizabeth Digby was born into one of the wealthiest families in nineteenth century England. By the age of seventeen, she became known as Aurora, the Light of Dawn, such was her beauty, and received the attentions of many a rich bachelor.

Her eventual marriage to Lord Ellenborough promised much but proved something of a disappointment when he turned out to be a prude in the bedroom. And so, Jane began to seek her pleasure elsewhere, conducting a string of scandalous affairs that would send shock waves through society.

In a story that sweeps across the ballrooms of Europe, Christopher Nicole brilliantly brings to life the romantic adventures of one of history’s most notorious women in the passionate novel.

Christopher Nicole’s historical fiction has won him international acclaim. Born in the West Indies, he now lives in the Channel Islands with his wife, Diana, also a novelist. His recent titles include A Fearful Thing, Cold Country, Hot Sun and, from the Anna Fehrbach series, Angel Rising, Angel of Destruction and Angel of Darkness.

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