Darkness Visible by Thomas Waugh

A man can no more outrun his shadow, as he can escape his past.

Michael Devlin, former soldier and contract killer, thought he had retired. He was wrong.

Rameen Jamal – the man who murdered and maimed his comrades in Helmand – is in London.

Devlin vows to kill again.

He decides to call upon the help of the fixer, Oliver Porter, to plan the hit at The Ritz hotel.

But not everything will go to plan.

Darkness Visible is a page-turning novella, in the vein of Graham Greene’s “entertainments” and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels. Thomas Waugh, in the character of Michael Devlin, has created an engaging hero, or anti-hero, for our time.

Thomas Waugh is the pseudonym of a bestselling historical novelist.

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