Constable Under the Gooseberry Bush by Nicholas Rhea

Constable Nick Rhea is the local policeman of the idyllic village of Aidensfield…

Dealing with small disputes between neighbours is his daily life.

But during the run up to the village Gooseberry growing contest, how far will his neighbours go to ensure they win?

Can he keep their tempers in check whilst thwarting any vandalism attempts?

The president of the Old Gooseberry Society retires, which is soon followed by some dramatic weight loss.

Leaving speculation as to his reasons for his retirement from the position.

Putting aside their competitive nature, the village groups together to raise fund to send him on a pilgrimage to Lourdes for a miracle cure.

However, everyone still has their sights set on winning the Supreme Championship.

Throughout all of this drama, someone is stealing some very expensive bikes.

Specially made and built for racing. These are not your average bicycles…

The thefts are seemingly random, and appear to spread throughout the entire northeast regions.

Can Rhea decipher the pattern to these crimes?

Are they all random, or is it the work of a very meticulous thief?

When the bike belonging to the new sergeant is stolen, Rhea is determined to put an end to it.

Calling in reinforcement from nearby constabularies, his plan is put into place.

But will this unseen criminal take the bait?

Constable Under the Gooseberry Bush is a captivating novel, written by a true master of this genre.


For the last 30 years, Nicholas Rhea has been writing books, drawing on his experiences in the police force, his never-ending enthusiasm for Yorkshire and his continuing interest in crime fact and fiction. His best known work, the Constable series, provided the inspiration for the hugely popular TV series, Heartbeat and he remained involved with the series as a consultant until filming ended in 2009.


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