Constable at the Gate by Nicholas Rhea (A Constable Nick Mystery Book 20)

Rural Yorskhire.

Dealing with the local population of this rural village shouldn’t provide too much crime.

Yet the days are never boring for Constable Nick…

Settled into his family life, he is now a popular resident of Aidensfield.

Regularly approached when he’s off-duty to help his neighbours with their current emergencies.

Rhea often finds himself in a situation where he must decipher the fact from the gossip.

Rumours are rampant and scandalous, but he must remain objective to carry out his job.

Easier said than done when you are living in a tight-knit community.

Returning the wandering elderly villagers to their family and ensuring the local pubs close on time are part of his normal routine.

Throw in a dramatic rescue of a much-loved pet and his work becomes exciting.

But the exposing of a small burglary ring whilst searching for a truant child hunting for a mythical bird really makes his job unique.

Constable at the Gate is a tale of life and work in a rural Yorkshire community that will make you laugh, cry and beg for more.

Nicholas Rhea,
now retired, spent 30 years in the force, having started as a Police Cadet for the North Riding Constabulary. His best-known work, the Constable series, provided the inspiration for the hugely popular TV series, Heartbeat and he remained involved with the series as a consultant until filming ended in 2009.

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