The Colour of Violence by Roderic Jeffries

1974, England.

George Armitage is an author who is trying to break out into the mainstream consciousness.

His books sell reasonably well, but he can’t piece together why they aren’t flying off the shelves.

Perhaps he hasn’t experienced enough of what he writes about?

He lives a modest, yet comfortable lifestyle, but his wife, Gwen has become disillusioned with their lack of wealth.

It doesn’t help that their lifestyle is one of glitzy parties and glamourous people, as she becomes jealous and wants for more from George.

As their marriage begins to fall apart more and more, George meets Patricia Broadbent, the wife of a wealthy, much older lawyer that George is friendly with.

They instantly hit it off.

Meanwhile, two particularly intimidating mobsters, Farnes and Weir are due for release in jail. Through the timid Brian Healey, they hear about a potential bank job worth at least a million.

However, on close inspection, the bank jobs appear near impossible, but who can turn down a million pounds?

As Farnes and Weir collect together the items they’ll need and a team for the job, George and Patricia’s relationship blossoms.

Soon, the love story becomes embroiled in the colour of violence when the gang of mobsters finally put their plan into action.

As everyone becomes involved, from police detectives, to Patricia’s worried husband, George must protect her in the only way he can…

Can he take the pain? The pressure? The legal implications?

He has no other choice if he is to save Patricia, as well as himself.

The Colour of Violence is an engaging tale of romance set against a gritty backdrop of tension that will keep you gripped until the very last page.

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