A Clear Blue Sky by Barbara Whitnell

Memory lane can be a dangerous road…

Kate Sheridan remembers with nostalgia the idyllic holidays in Cornwall she enjoyed as a child, full of happiness and endless laughter.

How different from her family life today.

Kate’s husband Oliver is working too hard and seems increasingly irritated by her. She’s even having difficulty living up to her own standards right now.

Kate’s sister Lynn has had her fair share of problems lately too, but now things are looking up for her family.

Kate, struck by inspiration, suddenly suggests a joint family holiday. A recreation of the holidays of their youth, and where else but in Cornwall?

For a while it seems that Kate’s dream may be realised.

The house is perfect, Oliver seems more attentive than he’s been in months, and Kate and Lynn delight in showing their families all the sights they remember from their childhood holidays.

But the past comes back to haunt them, revealing that not everyone has such happy memories and ensuring that this will be a time none of them will ever forget.

Casting a long shadow over their happiness, perhaps the past isn’t meant to be revisited.

The question is, will it destroy their present…?

Barbara Whitnell was trained as a teacher and taught in a village school in Cornwall before going to Kenya and Uganda where she married and had four children. She travelled extensively, her husband’s job taking the family not only to Africa but also Hong Kong and the West Indies.

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Posted in Thriller.