The Churchill Commando by Ted Willis

This is fiction which could become reality…

A train stops at an abandoned railway station in an isolated spot. Two searchlights pierce the darkness, playing on the wrecked and vandalised carriages, on the white faces of the soccer hooligans who, that afternoon, had rampaged through the streets of a London suburb, spreading terror and destruction. A group of armed men order the mob to leave the train. When they refuse, the men open fire. The mob tumble out in panic. They are forced to strip, they are hosed down, they are warned that hooliganism will no longer go unpunished…

This is the shattering opening to the campaign of a private army which calls itself the Churchill Commando, a campaign which, in the words of its communique, is designed to alert the British people to the dangers which threaten our way of life.

Led by a mysterious figure known as the General, the Commando moves in swift succession against murderers, kidnappers, the merchants of porn, street-muggers, and others. They gain mass support, photographs of Churchill appear in their thousands, the Government itself is threatened by the tidal wave of feeling.

Two men stand at the centre of these developments. The General, who believes that he can no longer stand aside, who believes ‘that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’. He is a complex, luminous character who is impelled to transgress the law which he has pledged to uphold…

The other man is Barr, a tough mercenary soldier, who sees himself as a man of action, with a contempt for all causes. But he too finds that ‘no man is an island’, that there are questions to which each man must find an answer.

The pace never slackens from the explosive opening to the tragic ending. In this extraordinary and thrilling story Ted Willis is at his spell-binding best. This could happen in the England of tomorrow – or today.

Ted Willis is author of Death May Surprise Us, The Left-Handed Sleeper and Man-Eater, as well as the originator and writer of many television series and stage plays.

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