Cart Before the Hearse by Roger Ormerod

When Ernest Connolly admits to having killed, this leads to a great deal of questions…

Who was the victim?

Where was the body?

And what then happened to Ernest?

Ernest’s last words haunt the investigation and policemen Dave Mallin and George Coe find themselves attempting to discover a body to fit the crime.

Fortunately, they have a lead: a rather unusual car.

This leads them straight into trouble, and although the victim is soon discovered, it is not at all certain where the blame really lies.

Was Ernest really the culprit?

Five men were intimately involved that fatal Saturday. Five men and one girl.

George becomes obsessed with the loaded pistol which was not fired, but Dave is more interested in the phone call that was not made.

But which is the key to unlock this investigation?

Neither is quite certain, until the end, exactly whose murder they are investigating…

Cart Before the Hearse is an intense crime novel that has a mystery behind every turn.

Roger Ormerod(1920-2005) was a prolific writer of ingenious and densely plotted crime novels – some 35 in all – which were published in the UK and the USA. He lived in Wolverhampton and amongst other things worked as a civil servant and as a Social Security inspector – backgrounds which he made full use of in his fiction, as he did with his hobbies of painting and photography.

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