Buller’s Guns by Richard Hough

Late nineteenth century.

Archy Buller and Rod Maclewin come from two very different worlds.

Assigned to duty aboard HMS Inflexible, Buller follows a long line of men in the Buller family who have become officers in the Royal Navy – often to great acclaim.

For Maclewin, a welder’s son, joining the Navy is the only way to escape an inevitable life of poverty.

But his life changes forever the moment his training ship Eurydice capsizes near Spithead, with only three survivors.

Befriended by the magnanimous Commander Lord Charles Beresford, Maclewin becomes coxswain on Bereford’s gunvessel Condor, and is sent on a mission to Alexandria.

It is during the fierce riots in Alexandria, at a besieged railway station, that the paths of the two men fatefully meet. And in spite of their class differences, Buller and Maclewin strike an immediate friendship.

But with the trials and tribulations of life at sea – and ever-present dangers of battle – will their friendship stand the test of time?

Set in the late Victorian era, Buller’s Guns is an action-packed naval adventure that vividly portrays the realities of life at sea.
Richard Hough, the distinguished naval historian and winner of the Daily Express Best Book of the Sea Award (1972) was the author of many acclaimed books in the field including Admirals in Collision, The Great War at Sea: 1914-18, and The Longest Battle: The War at Sea 1939-45. He was also the biographer of Mountbatten, and his last biography, Captain James Cook, became a world bestseller.

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