Blackshirt Meets the Lady by Roderic Jeffries

Though he isn’t susceptible to boredom Richard Verrell likes life at its most eventful. 

And when he reads about Chibodia in his morning paper he experiences a glow of excitement. Why should Verrell—alias Blackshirt—concern himself with the affairs of a remote republic in Central America? What is the significance of the arrest of Robin Treymoine, a Foreign Office official, charged with stealing seventy-five pounds from the Chibodian Embassy? And what lies behind the extravagant gift which Chibodia proposes to present to the Russian people?

Readers, anxious to learn the answer to these questions, will find themselves drawn into Blackshirt’s enthralling adventures in London and the Eastern Zone of Germany—adventures which lead at last to the uncovering of an amazing and sinister plot. They will find Blackshirt as adroit as ever, and will be delighted at the way he finds breath-taking excitement.

Roderic Jeffries was born in London in 1926 and was educated at Harrow View House Preparatory School and the Department of Navigation, University of Southampton. In 1943, he joined the New Zealand Shipping Company as an apprentice and sailed to Australia and New Zealand, but later transferred to the Union Castle Company in order to visit a different part of the world. He returned to England in 1949 where he was admitted to the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn and read for the Bar at the same time as he began to write. He was called to the Bar in 1953, and after one year’s pupilage, practiced law for a few terms during which time there to write full time. His first book, a sea story for juveniles, was published in 1950.

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