Birthright by Kerry Moore

War rages.
A mother plays a dangerous game.
This is her fight for survival.

Deep into the war, Marie Adamski has accentuated her German origins and played down her Polish ones. She is pregnant, persuading her German boyfriend to place her in the safety of Westwald, a home in Chantilly for pregnant women, whilst trying to protect her true love, and the real father of the child. But while it was Marie’s plan to get to Westwald, upon her arrival she realises that the mothers who reside there are nowhere near as important as the German babies they are rearing.

Marie’s younger sister, Lise, has been covertly seeing a young resistance fighter, Emile. Emile, with all the enthusiasm of youth, is eager for the war to really begin for him. But when it comes to the front line, he has to grow up quickly.

As the war rages around them, and loved ones are lost, will Marie and Emile be able to make it back home to those that still remain?

Birthright is a first novel from Kerry Moore, an expat teacher and writer who has been living with her family in the land of wine and cheese for a the last twenty years. Historical fiction is a passion of hers as is French culture, both of which are combined in the pages of Birthright to transport the reader to French villages during the fascinating era of the second world war.

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