Ashes and Bone by David McGlone

Dr Aldous ‘Al’ Andrews is psychologist famous for a book he’s written on serial killers…

In 1998, he helped DCI Peter Marlin catch Mark Rennie, a serial killer, who targeted young women at the University of East London.

Now Dr Al spends his time in the company of prostitutes and drinking far too much.

Then one day, DCI Marlin reappears, needing help.

A series of murders is rocking London, and the only thing they have in common is how cleanly they have been executed.

Thinking he might get a book out of it, Andrews agrees to help.

Al is having a hard time putting a profile together due to the lack of clues.

At first it looks like there have been seven deaths in seven days, and he wonders if there is a connection to the religious meanings for each day.

It’s all he’s really got to share with Marlin.

Then he gets an email from a man called the Phantom. It brings back memories of the Phantom of Texarkana, a serial killer from 1946 who was never caught.

With the Phantom taunting him, now Dr Al is a target, and Marlin arranges for a patrol car to sit outside his home, where he is holed up with Lara, a prostitute who is now his girlfriend.

The body count rises as Al remains behind locked doors, meanwhile, something is not adding up.

Marlin doesn’t think the prostitutes who are being murdered are connected to the Phantom’s victims.

Neither does his girlfriend, Detective Sue Scott, who is becoming more and more convinced that besides being a criminalist, Dr Al might also be a criminal.

And when Lara’s roommate is murdered in her flat, the case comes close to home.

Dr Al’s fingerprints are at two murder scenes, but is someone trying to frame him, or is he a serial killer, too?

Marlin’s not buying that and Sue Scott is certain the Phantom is not the only killer, but will either one be caught?

Ashes and Bone is a chilling psychological thriller that makes you question everything you think you know.

David McGlone is a Scottish author based in London. From short stories to novellas and novels he has covered a wide range of genres from humour to thriller via tragedy and sci-fi. Death Masque, released in 2015, is the third book in a crime trilogy which began with Ashes and Bone , originally published as When Death Knows Your Name in 2013 and continued with Death’s Lacuna in 2014. David has a wide range of other published works in a varied range of genres.

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