The Anklets by Deryn Lake

Alison Pope is the daughter of famous archaeologist Edgar Pope. After finishing her degree, she follows her adventurous spirit, and joins her father on all his digs. His latest excavation will take them to stunning Knidos in Turkey, where the resting place of a legendary Greek statue of Aphrodite is said to be.

Preparing to leave, they bring together a spirited cohort of enthusiastic archaeologists to assist them, but Alison is troubled by one of the members: the young epigrapher, Doctor Julian Grant. Immediately charmed by his good looks, Alison is disappointed to find out that he’s married. Yet even when she tries to put her crush aside in the name of professionalism, there’s something about him that just doesn’t quite sit right.

Then, one sleepless night, she decides to watch her father’s latest recording of the excavation site. But it isn’t just dusty ground and tools: there’s something else on the site, too. Someone: a man in a toga and, beside him, a mysterious, alluring woman…

Why is it that no one else can see these figures? And why do they keep haunting Alison?

A short historical story with a romantic twist, The Anklets is a thrilling little tale.

Deryn Lake started to write stories at the age of five, then graduated to novels but destroyed all her early work because, she says, it was hopeless. A chance meeting with one of the Getty family took her to Sutton Place and her first serious novel was born. Deryn was married to a journalist and writer, the late L. F. Lampitt, has two grown-up children, four beautiful and talented grandchildren, and one rather large cat. Deryn has lived near the famous battlefield of 1066 for the past 16 years where she enjoys her life as a woman about town. She is also the author of Fortune’s SoldierSutton PlaceTo Sleep No MoreThe King’s Women and Pour The Dark Wine.

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