Angel of Death by Anthea Cohen

Agnes Carmichael, the nurse with a pronounced homicidal approach to problem solving, is back…

She is now Nursing Officer in charge of Out Patients, Casualty, the Children’s Ward, and Operating Theatres — a job she finds pleasing and a promotion that gratifies her desire for power.

And, for the first time in her life, Agnes Carmichael is in love.

And it’s hit her hard — how hard, she doesn’t realise.

When she first comes across Professor Harold Maitland in the clinic she barely notices his wife, Emily.

Later she meets Emily at a party and finds her to be a selfish — although undeniably sophisticated and beautiful — woman.

Driving by the Maitlands’ house on her way home, she sees an intruder entering the house and manages to scare him off. The Professor is grateful, and Agnes soon begins integrating herself into their lives.

After all, she is a nurse, and he is blind, suffering from severe diabetes.

All goes well until she is thwarted.

And every time Carmichael is thwarted, someone turns up dead…

Angel of Death is a chilling thriller that shows how far some people will go to get the person they love.


Anthea Cohen is the pseudonym for the acclaimed author of the Agnes Carmichael Series. For the past twenty-five years she has worked, on and off, in hospitals and as a private nurse. She has written on medicine and hospital life, been a columnist for Nursing Mirror, and has contributed regularly to World Medicine. She has published innumerable short stories, and is a popular author of books for teenagers.


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