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Churchill’s Funeral: The End of Empire by Patrick Bishop

On 30 January 1965, the world said farewell to Sir Winston Churchill in a ceremony of the grandest scale, full of pageantry, pomp and grandeur; a historical event to honour a man who had shaped history. But Britain was saying goodbye to an era, as well as a leader. The empire was deteriorating, and with it went the confidence, power, wealth and cultural certainties that underpinned it. Would Churchill recognise the...
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The Warbirds by Richard Herman

Dealing with a company of poorly trained misfits, Colonel Anthony “Muddy” Waters is sent on a mission that no other officer in the US Air Force would touch. Stubborn and dedicated, Waters turns a superbly talented pilot but loose cannon named Jack Locke into a fighting force to be reckoned with. When the heavens explode, they’ll have to fly their F-4’s into the eye of the firestorm, face an overwhelming...
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The Marlboroughs by Christopher Hibbert

  John and Sarah Churchill, the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, were the most influential and gifted couple in eighteenth-century England. John Churchill proved himself to be not only the greatest military commander of his time — his bravery and skill were legendary — but also a masterful diplomat in the service of both King William III and later Queen Anne. His wife Sarah was no less a charismatic figure....
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The Forgotten Few by Adam Zamoyski

  The crucial role played by Polish airmen during the Second World War and the colourful stories of their adventures have become part of British folklore. But very few people have any idea of the extent of their involvement, or how they came to be in Britain. In this brilliant history, Adam Zamoyski explores the unwavering courage of Polish fighters and how they helped to defeat the Nazis. This book...
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Dark Quartet by Lynne Reid Banks

  The Bronte sisters - Charlotte, Emily and Anne - are some of the best-known, and best-loved, English authors. But less well-known were the two other Bronte sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, who died before reaching adulthood, and their brother Branwell, who was haunted by his own demons until his death in his thirties. After the death of Maria and Elizabeth, the four remaining children returned to its cheerless rooms and...
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The Spencer Family by Charles Spencer

  Tracing the history of the Spencers from their beginnings as medieval sheep farmers, through centuries of service to country and crown to their high public profile following the marriage of Diana Spencer to the Prince of Wales, Charles, Ninth Earl Spencer, has written a superb and engaging work of family history. Hugely enriched by his unique access to private papers and family memories, it details the lives of such...
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The Secret Generations

May, 1910 The world is on the eve of a war set to ruin the lives of a whole generation. The Railton family are intimately involved in the world of espionage, which will become so crucial to the conflict’s outcome. With the death of General Sir William Railton, the family patriarch and hero of Balaclava, the family is thrown into a world of violence and intrigue. ‘A Schnapps and champagne...
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Ocean Strike by Damien Lewis

December. Most of the world is preparing for Christmas.But a small fanatical group of lethal terrorists are preparing for something very different - the most devastating terror attack the world has ever witnessed. The target. Britain. 
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Thomas Hardy’s World by Molly Lefebure

Thomas Hardy is considered by many as one of England’s greatest writers. His novels, set...
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Blood Will be Born by Gary Donnelly

DI Owen Sheen vowed to his father never to return to Ireland. But years have...
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Trading Down by Stephen Norman

Chris Peters loves his work in a multi-national bank: the excitement of the trading floor,...
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OMNIBUS: The Regiment Trilogy by Christopher Nicole

Collected together in this special edition for the first time, all three books in The...
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The Long Way Home by Jeanne Whitmee

Nothing can replace a mother’s love... The cruel betrayal of the man she loves forces...
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Suki’s Baby by Beryl Kingston

‘Beryl Kingston understands how to weave dialogue, character, theme and a thumping love affair into...
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Viking Enemy by M J Porter

It’s the second Viking Age in England, and King Æthelred II reigns. Five ealdormen represent...
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Love Bonds by Kate Grannis

“Grannis has woven a tale that displays historical fiction at its finest” Lyndsy Spence It’s...
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Underneath the Arches by Graham Ison

‘Altogether; a police procedural to put beside McBain. In other words, top of the class'...
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The Image of Laura by Joy Martin

From 1930s Berlin to contemporary London, nothing has escaped Laura Conway’s trusty Leica camera.  She’s...
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Revolution! The Liberty War by Richard Woodman

Nowhere were the philosophical, political and military forces of the eighteenth century more tangibly concentrated...
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The Girl Hunters by Sydney J Bounds

Doll Winters was a naïve teenager, who fantasised about being a film character. But when...
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Gifthorse by Leo McNeir

A bleak mid-winter has settled over the land, bringing hardship to the quiet canalside community...
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The Portrait in Black by Joan van Every Frost

Pretty but aloof, Crystal Perry makes an honest—if modest—living painting portraits of the pets of...
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But From Thine Eyes by Christina Britton Conroy

London, December, 1903. Seventeen-year-old Elisa Roundtree escapes her life in Yorkshire heading for His Majesty’s...
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Thomas Edison: Shining a Light by David Boyle

Thomas Edison is a detailed and insightful account of the life and times of one of...
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They Rang Up The Police by Joanna Cannan

There’s a new detective on the scene… When murder strikes in the quiet English countryside...
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Pictures in Provence by Nora Fountain

Joanna's first love is art, although she is in Paris to study music. Lured into...
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Love Will Find a Way by Miranda Barnes

Love will find a way. Of that, she was quite certain. Gwen’s life has imploded...
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The Petrograd Consignment by Owen Sela

With one bold, secret stroke, the course of history and the fate of nations is...
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The Drowning Mark by Alan Scholefield

Ex-copper Mike Harley and his lover, Dr Alexandra Kennedy are happily ensconced in a boat...
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The Bloody Question by Julian Bell

In sixteenth century England, Catholic blood runs in the streets. Torture, humiliation and death are...
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The Tender Murderer by Wendy Perriam

Everybody fears being betrayed: but what if a betrayal landed you in prison, potentially looking...
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The New Exiles by Roger Neville Williams

The US has created its own military refugee problem More Americans have fled to Canada...
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Fighter! by Robert Jackson

Fighter! is the story of the twentieth century’s most amazing decade, when the science of air...
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Debt of Honour by Adam Kennedy

Something’s not adding up… On January 6, 1980, an H-14 jet aircraft - Simison Air...
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The Anklets by Deryn Lake

Alison Pope is the daughter of famous archaeologist Edgar Pope. After finishing her degree, she...
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Scandals, Intrigues, Family Feuds, Murders, Hatred, Love and Envy: Episode 3

By Joy Martin Episode Three: Can you train a horse to kill? To find out, I asked a circus trainer.  ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘It’s possible,’ and then he told me how to do it. In A WRONG TO SWEETEN and its sequel A HERITAGE OF WRONG the groom, Tim-Pat, shows off these skills to Dermot O’Brien in rehearsal for a murder. ‘He threw off his heavy white shirt onto the grass so it lay, like half a body, and addressed the horse, Claisi, coaxing the animal into a trance. ‘Get him, boy – get him.’ Clasai reared to his full height, flaring his nostrils in rage. ‘Get him.’ Claisi hesitated, a huge god-horse poised on the brink of violence against the silver sky.  And then the outrage.   The hooves flailing, pounding in fury onto the ground where half a body lay – dead or so it seemed…Pounded into the ground, […]

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Richard Blake’s 5 Recommended Roman Historical Novels

Without sneering at it, I have no taste for military historical fiction. I will do battles in my own novels, but much prefer civilian intrigue. What I like above all, however, in historical fiction is a sense of moving in a different moral environment from our own. In all times and places, people have the same basic motivations. But the way these are manifested makes any competent recreation of the past a study in oddness. Fellini described his masterpiece Satyricon as “science fiction of the past.” That’s what I try to achieve when I write, and that’s what I like to read. Here is a listing of my five favourite Roman novels: 5. The Sword of Pleasure by Peter Green (1957) – Told in the first person by Sulla the Dictator, this shows you the rapid decay of the Roman Republic. You can smell the garlic and dirt of the […]

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Laws of the Spirit

My novel Laws of the Spirit grew quite organically from my years in the legal field. Although entirely fictional, the ideas behind it were inspired by the scenes played out every day in criminal courtrooms across the country. One of the major threads of the story is that the “bad guy”—that is, the undeniably guilty defendant—is not evil, and might even be deserving of mercy. As humans, none of us want to be defined by the worst thing we’ve ever done. And each of us has our own unique backstory. The law is like any other profession—some people are great, dedicated players in the justice system. Some aren’t. Some are flawed, but doing their best. In writing this book, I hoped to show some of that rich diversity, some of the problems, and some of the people who want to be part of the solution. Get in touch with me […]

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Scandals, Intrigues, Family Feuds, Murders, Hatred, Love and Envy: Episode 2.

Episode Two: Tip to writers: stick to what you know.   For me, it’s the houses of my Limerick childhood – dilapidated, damp and haunted.   According to official records, my grandmother’s family home, Mannister House, was demolished ‘because of problems with ghosts’.   In my great uncle’s home, Clonmacken House, where James II once sought refuge, the ghost of a black sailor was sometimes seen on the backstairs.   He’d come up the secret passage which led from the river Shannon, hoping to seduce a maid who was working in the house.  Instead, a jealous rival killed him and left his ghost to haunt the house until the day it was burnt down. Crag Liath, the ‘big house’ which features in A WRONG TO SWEETEN and its sequel, A HERITAGE OF WRONG, is modelled on Clonmacken House: ‘a sombre mansion, 250 years old, grey-stoned, flat-faced, dignified, alluring.’ Inside, however, Crag Liath is far […]

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Bloody Reckoning by Rafe McGregor

While an off-duty military investigator is trying to save his ex-girlfriend from a ruthless drug baron, he learns that there is a serial killer at work in the British Army…   My first literary love is the hardboiled detective story, so it’s no surprise that my first contemporary novel is a hardboiled military mystery set in the British Army.  Bloody Reckoning was inspired by the combination of my own police experience with coming across Nelson DeMille’s The General’s Daughter a decade after its publication in 1992.   Although I had a long-standing interest in military history, I knew very little about the military police in general and military investigations in particular and began my research as soon as I’d finished the novel.  I quickly conceived of a three-part series, which would be set in the British, rather than United States, Armed Forces and would involve realistic set pieces rather than […]

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Scandals, Intrigues, Family Feuds, Murders, Hatred, Love & Envy        

Ireland in the 1880s. It wasn’t all bad.   The slums of Dublin were the worst in Europe.   In the country, evicted tenants were living alongside the roads and sometimes even in the trees. But the fortunate few, some of whom were Catholics, were enjoying a similar lifestyle to their upper middle class contemporaries in England, living in attractive houses, employing servants and sending their children to private schools. Sometimes they faced other torments: family feuds, usually over land, hatred, envy, even murder… A WRONG TO SWEETEN and its sequel A HERITAGE OF WRONG deal with the theme of inherited evil.   When the lives of two Limerick schoolfriends, Milliora Fitzgibbon and Rosaleen O’Flynn, are entwined with the those of the well-to-do O’Brien brothers, feckless Tom and ambitious Dermot, they soon find that envy can turn to madness and that love and hatred, loyalty and betrayal, can breed side by side. It’s […]

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